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​Consider contrast when choosing your bedhead

August 9, 2015

Choosing the perfect bed and bedhead is an important decision. More than just getting the ‘right look’ in the bedroom, we need to be able to find within its walls a place of relaxation and retreat. An element of depth and moodiness are also desirable in the boudoir.

The Drama of Contrast

While you may have visions of soft pastels and gentle flowing shapes, the careful use of contrast can help create a depth of dramatic intensity that adds to the moodiness of your perfect bedroom.

Contrast helps to spice things up; to create interest; to take us away from a sense of uniformity that may make the bedroom too formal – and boring!

Contrast can also be used to help define the focal point of your room, drawing attention towards the heart of the bedroom… the bed.

Contrast can be achieved by adding different colours, shapes and even divergent textures to your room.

upholstered bed head

A patterned bedhead in a bedroom of solid colour creates a wonderfully dramatic statement. Our Paddo Bedhead, here in striking Ikat, as featured in Sunday Life Magazine April 2015.

The directional fabric pattern used on our Trinity Occasional Chair contrasting with the floor lamp and wall art shows how diverse patterns can be used to beautiful effect.   

The Power of Negative Space

A bedroom usually features a bed, dressing table, bedside tables and perhaps a lamp and bookshelf. These furnishings are essential to our enjoyment of the bedroom and create the cosy feel of a well-loved space. This is known as positive space.

But wanting to fill every spare inch of the room is a common mistake.

Negative space is defined as the blank spots in your room – the floor space without any furniture, the wall space without any artwork.

Negative space can be used to create impact – an oasis of calmness in an otherwise ‘busy’ room; or as a contrast that makes other design elements, like a stunning bedhead, stand out more powerfully.

Remember, even the most striking bedhead can be ‘lost’ in a cacophony of colours and textures.

bedhead design

An example of how negative space draws the eye to the main attraction – the bed. This room features our Florence bedhead in Husk Driftwood with matching valance and ‘Otto’ blanket box, along with the Trinity Occasional Chair and rectangular cushion. Photography- Chris Warnes

Creating a contrast with positive and negative spaces in your bedroom provides both cosiness and theatre – the negative space helping to emphasise the focal point of your room.

BedNest beds and bedheads are created to be magnificent. They are designed to stand front and centre in your bedroom – to make a statement. Carefully executed contrast will heighten the effect.

Choose a bedhead that acts as a focal point in your positive space and add contrast by allowing for some negative space around it.


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HappyBedNesting !!


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