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Choosing the perfect bedhead or bed for your BedNest

July 22, 2015

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary; the place where we retreat from the demands of life; a place to relax and rejuvenate; our own private space for romance and the restorative act of sleeping. We spend almost half of our lives in our bedrooms and so they deserve our very best attention.

While it may be tempting to save the luxury and comfort for the more public spaces of the home, treating yourself to a beautiful bedroom is a way of honouring yourself, your own personal needs.

Bedroom décor, more than any other, should reflect your individual taste and style  and create an ambiance where you feel truly relaxed.

With some tender care and attention our bedrooms can become our nests, our special nurturing space. That’s why choosing a bedhead or bed is such a personal (and important choice).

Here’s some tips to help you decide on the perfect bed/head for you.

Balance in the Bedroom

Balance, as it relates to decor, is the even spacing of visuals around your room.

A well balanced bedroom will make you feel that all is right in your world.  Humans are innately relaxed in a balanced environment.

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Balance

More traditional decor prefers symmetrical balance – where everything is evenly balanced and one side of the room exactly reflects the other.

Asymmetrical balance is achieved by placing quite different furnishings to complement each other – different but similar in beauty and probably size. This creates a casual and relaxed feel and is beautiful for the bedroom.

A BedNest bedhead can be the perfect counterpoint for creating a gorgeous asymmetrical design with your other furnishings. Choose your bed to complement existing decor or as a starting point for a brand new look.

Dissimilar objects can be placed to complement your bedhead and create a sense of fluidity and movement, of softness and ease.

Stunning Focal Points

BedNest beds and bedheads can also create a dramatic focal point of your bedroom and are the perfect solution to an age-old problem – boring bedrooms.

Add a stunning upholstered bedhead to your bedroom and you will change everything – instantly.

Or choose a dramatic print to achieve a stunning focal point for your bedroom.


Choose something that speaks straight to you, a fabric or design that resonates with your own heartbeat. There is no doubt a BedNest bedhead will create the dramatic intensity that many bedrooms lack – a take your breath away reaction every time you enter.

At BedNest we’re passionate about beautiful bedrooms and a comfortable night’s sleep. Our range of bedheads, bespoke bedheads and upholstered slatted beds work perfectly together to create the ultimate in stylish, luxurious sleep – and fun!

We hope this post has brought a little inspiration or at least provided some food for thought if you’re still thinking about that bedroom makeover you’ve been promising yourself.

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HappyBedNesting !!

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