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Creating Visual Delight in the Bedroom

September 13, 2015

Creating visual delight in the bedroom is all about creating rhythm and flow.

The bedroom is a place of nuance, suggestion, the perfect setting for rhythm – the gentle art of design.

Rhythm is rarely accidental: while your eyes roam easily over the visual landscape of your bedroom – flowing from one element to the next, delighting in what you see – this effect is created, nurtured into being by the careful placement of well-chosen furnishings.

We’ve selected some ideas to help you create a rhythmic bedroom that will find you relaxing … sensing… experiencing… the sacred flow that makes for divine bedrooms.


The use of repetition really enhances flow, encouraging our eyes along its pathway.

You could choose to use similar fabrics, perhaps for your bedhead, otto and chair, to create a sense of connectedness, a natural rhythm to your room.

BedNest Designer Bedhead

A beautiful example of repetition – the repeated use of fabric pattern on our Hugo ottoman and side lamp just works!

Padded bed head

Repetition can be whimsical too. This child’s bedroom with our Paddo mini bedhead and repetitive use of dots is just delightful.

Custom bed heads

Similarly themed homewares also create visual rhythm – the elegant shapes of orchards, featuring our Oxford bedhead.

King size headboard

Rhythm by repetition of shapes – Image of our Florence bedhead from the April 2015 issue of House & Garden.

Alternate It!

Adding two or more elements in a sequenced pattern also produces rhythmic visual flow – known as alternation. Our minds love patterns and order and this can be created in a way that feels natural and fresh and fun.


Alternation uses regular patterns repeated in the same order – try ABCABC or ABB, ABB.

BedNest Alternation Example

This simple alternation of colour creates rhythm and wild impact –


Progression is another technique often used in interior design to create pattern and rhythm – this time through placement according to size, from small to large, or maybe by gradients of colour.

BedNest Progression Example

White to black progression –

Raul Quintero

Photo by Raul Quintero

You can create playful rhythms in your bedroom –  a visual dance. It’s all about satisfying the senses… and having fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment, play, mix things up a bit, have  a dress rehearsal – to create your perfect BedNest. Our free fabric samples can help you.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with rhythm.


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HappyBedNesting !!



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