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Hallway Space

June 1, 2014

I’m giving my hallway some interior love – it’s been crying out for attention (it’s a bit of a dumping ground for shoes, coats, bags…. hey, I do have kids!) but now it’s getting a makeover, an overhaul, the whole shebang.  We are doing up the staircase, ripping up carpet, repainting walls and laying down a new (and might I add very gorgeous) runner.  The hallway is going to be an amazing space…

Hallways are often the most neglected room in the house.  It’s usually narrow (which can be a challenge) but it’s still a room that needs some love.  You can have loads of fun with hallways – a bold wallpaper or paint it in a dramatic hue, hang a striking light fixture, create a gallery wall, lay an eye-catching hall runner.  If space allows it, gorgeous seating or a console table by the door (handy too!).  Or you can just keep it minimal and uncluttered, beautiful in it’s simplicity and clean lines.  Here are some pics that caught my eye –

It’s a bold choice but staircases painted entirely in black can be pretty striking.  It works beautifully against the white walls and flooring with splashes of colour in the lamps and artwork –

This hallway was featured in Vogue Living – the runner in a Moroccan inspired pattern (try Armadillo & Co. for similar) coordinates perfectly with the black stairs –

I love the pairing of the round mirror with the upholstered seat.  The striped rug adds another layer of texture and interest –

Brightly painted stair treads create a sense of colourful fun –

This hallway has a natural (almost beachy) vibe with its whitewashed floorboards and greenery.  Cute doormat too!

Megan Morton’s hallway is light and playful –

If your hallway is narrow you can always go vertical as Abigail Ahern has done here.  I like her use of colour against the dark wall –

Now this is a very brave choice.  Like it or loathe it, there’s no denying the clever mix of pattern against the bold green.  Reminiscent of Kate Spade perhaps?

Black and white walls paired with herringbone flooring –  classic and divine!

I’m looking forward to making my hallway so much more than an entryway but a lovely space to enjoy….


Images via Belle Maison, Pinterest, Vogue Living & Grey Chic

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