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How can the colour of your decor influence your mood?

October 25, 2016
Colour can change how you feel when you enter a room.

You may not have realised it, but colour plays a pivotal role in our lives. Our subconscious picks up on these cues and associates them with meaning and emotions.

When it comes to your home, it's especially important to pick the right palette as it's the place where we rewind and connect with family. Interior stylist Megan Morton explains to The Interiors Addict the secret behind choosing paint colours for an interior space:

"A beautiful home works when all the rooms and spaces have a holding palette – tones that hold them together beautifully. You can then use a little amount of your chosen colour in one room, be slightly more heavy handed in another and go fuller strength in another without the fear of over-colouring."

Light up your living areas

Living areas are a place for connection and bonding. It's where you'll settle back with a good book, chat with friends or enjoy a movie with your loved ones.

"A beautiful home works well when all the rooms  have a 'holding palette'… use a little in one room… be slightly more heavy-handed in another…" – Megan Morton.

If it's a cosy ambience you're looking to create, you may like to consider warm-toned colours. Choose subtle off-white hues for the walls and design elements that support your colour palette, to evoke a deeper, richer feeling.


Alternatively, if it's a cool, calm and more contemporary vibe you're aiming for, paring back the number of design elements and introducing lighter greys, whites and blues is more likely to hit the mark.


Colour can create a sense of continuity and provides a subtle yet effective way to connect the various living spaces throughout your home.

Bring it back to the bedroom

Unlike the shared living areas, your bedroom is more of a personal space that allows for greater self-expression – an opportunity to reflect more of who you are as an individual or as a couple.

When it comes to colours, Megan Mortan has this to say:

"The bedroom is the perfect space in which to go full-tilt with your chosen colour – think a feature wall and complementary cushions on the bed."

An upholstered bedhead is a great addition to create an accent wall in your room. If your bed is in the centre of the space, a bedhead will draw the focus in.

A stronger coloured bedhead will help make your bed the centre of attention. Choosing a dark shade, a more detailed design or patterned fabric will have greater visual impact and make a bolder statement.

linkyOur Florence bedhead in a patterned fabric from Signature Prints.
Our Hamilton bedhead in Icat Spot from No Chintz.Our Hamilton bedhead in Icat Spot from No Chintz.

On the other hand, a lighter coloured bedhead can take on a more supportive role, contributing to the layers of colour that can complete a look and promote a more tranquil feeling.

Our true Our true 'blank canvas' Paddo bedhead in Linen.

At BedNest, we can customise colours and designs to promote whichever mood you'd like. To pick out a bedhead that suits your decor, take a look at our range, or give us a call – we love talking colours!

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