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Interior design tips for Capricorns

January 15, 2017
Capricorns, we bet this bed is calling your name.

There's something special to be said about those born in January. These babies get the ultimate fresh start as they're born in the first month of the new year. And here at BedNest, we know there's no better way to start the new year than with a little redecorating around the house!

Some of us pay a little more attention to our astrological signs than others, so we decided it would be a cool idea to clue in Capricorns on how to redecorate based on their sign. Of course, other astrological signs can learn a thing or two from these tips too – let's dive in!

What does it mean to be a Capricorn?

First let's discuss the nature of your sign. Capricorns – aka, the Goat – tend to be practical, loyal people. You're strong-willed, and you know who you are as a person, so it's easy for you to feel comfortable in most social situations. You're hard working and you follow the rules. Overall, Capricorns are very sensible people! 

How does this translate into your home styling options? Let's take a look!

Capricorn design is very simple and elegant.Capricorn design is very simple and elegant.

The Capricorn design plan

Because you're so well grounded, your aesthetic plays well with natural colours and textures. You should avoid going overboard with your decorating because having too much surrounding you might be a little overwhelming – you're much more practical than that!

– Living room

Go for a traditional style with neutral colours and a nice, balanced layout. When you're putting together a social space, you'll feel best with matching armchairs and accessories to go with them.

– Office space

Your psyche will benefit from a clean workspace where you can pursue all your hard working endeavours. It's important to stay organised, but doing so in a stylish manner is equally important, so opting for an upholstered blanket box might be a great option. Not only can it hold your office supplies, but it's also an additional seat for when you have guests over.

– Bedroom 

When it comes to the bedroom, you like a certain amount of elegance. This means you should spend a little more on this sacred place. Opt for a lavish headboard and high thread count sheets so you can sink right into bed after a long day of socialising and hard work. We're not saying go over the top with your design, but we are saying it's okay to treat yourself! 

For inspiration, check out our collections. Everything from armchairs to bedheads, they're all completely customisable to suit your aesthetic. A Capricorn has got to love that!

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