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Kid’s Rooms

March 10, 2014

I love kid’s rooms.  Even if you don’t have little people, you can’t help but get a wee bit excited looking at their rooms – they bring out the inner kid in all of us!

We are finishing off our son’s bedroom so I’ve had the perfect excuse to scour the web for inspiration.   I’m not sure how much say he is going to have on the finished product (he’s only two…) although I can’t help but think of the wise words of style guru Megan Morton, Never let your kid not be part of it (you don’t want to be one of those people!)…a great room is one that is loved by the child and appreciated by the parent.”   

I’m a big fan of Rachel Castle and this would have to be one of my favourite rooms of hers (do check out her bedlinen range).  The personality of the child shines through and it’s just how a child’s room should be – sunny, vibrant and just plain happy

This is a gorgeous nursery by photographer Danielle Trovato (I love the Marigold rug by Armadillo & Co too!).  The room is neutral enough that the child can add her own style as she grows –

If you are ok with the dust (!), painting a wall in chalkboard paint can be a fun feature in a child’s room and a way that they can express themselves (but don’t be restricted by black, it now comes in a whole range of colours) –


Who says a boy’s room can’t be whimsical!  I love the shelf made out of a branch with the confetti spots on the wall –


You don’t normally think of dark walls for a child’s room (unless you are Abigail Ahern of course!) but this really works and makes the bright colours pop out.  Loving the birdcage ceiling light too –   


Great contrast, yellow daybed against black feature wall –


I’ve seen wardrobes used before as daybeds, a kid would love escaping into this “cubbyhole” –


Nicolle Sullivan (from CULTIVER) recently posted pics of her daughter’s newly refurbished room up on her blog.  I had to share – it’s a beautiful room and features her divine bedlinen (and our own Paddo-mini Bed – we are rather proud!) –


So many bedrooms, so many ideas…..  I’m taking on Megan Morton’s wise words though – you don’t want to be afraid to experiment but ultimately you want a room that your child can grow into and eventually add their own quirky style too. 

Until next week….

Images via Pinterest, Bondville, Rachel Castle & CULTIVER

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