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Mid-Century Love – Serge Mouille Lamps

January 25, 2015

I’ve been intrigued by these light fixtures with their insect-like arms for oh, well, forever really.  I’m sure you recognize them. They pop up all of the time in stylish interiors – and with good reason!  Captivating, sculptural (and so utterly divine in their under-stated beauty…) they are the timeless work of 50s design icon Serge Mouille.

I love the fact that Mouille never succumbed to mass production (despite the huge demand for his work).  He made all of his lamps by hand which probably accounts for their rather organic-like and expressive feel.  With their tentacle like “spider” arms, they look more like pieces of art than a light source….and they probably look just as good now as they did when they were first launched – absolutely timeless don’t you think?

The Spider Ceiling Lamps are probably my favourite – a modern twist on the traditional chandelier… 

This white version makes a striking contrast against the dark walls and ceiling.  Love the way the white works in with the trimming on the sofa – 

Some real mid-century statement lighting going on in this space – a Mouille Three-Arm Standing Lamp coupled with an Atomic Starburst Sputnik Pendant – 

Another Three-Arm beauty.  This image was featured in Vogue Living Australia May/June 2014 –

Here’s the Single Standing lamp – 

And lastly, the Two Arm rotating Sconce – 

Images via Pinterest & Vogue Living Australia

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