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Style for success: Home office essentials

March 2, 2017
Your home office can be a chance to express your style.

The modern workplace has been transformed in recent years, but perhaps one of the greatest things is the ability to work from the comfort of your own home. Whether your job allows you to work remotely, or your home is your office, there are plenty of ways that you can create your own productive environment. 

Creating boundaries 

Working from home has many benefits, from skipping the commute and eating lunch in the garden to working in your dressing gown and slippers. However, sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the day's tasks when you're surrounded by distractions. 

By creating a specific 'work space' in your home, you can distinguish between productive and relaxing areas, enabling you to both work hard and play hard. 

Separating your work space from your living space is key for being productive at home.Separating your work space from your living space is key for being productive at home.

The stylish home office 

Your home office doesn't have to be a desk in a dark corner. The joy of working from home means that you have the potential to create your ultimate work space to suit your needs and your own taste. 

Minimise clutter by incorporating practical yet stylish storage such as the York ottoman. Not only is it a sleek addition to any space, you can also use it for storing papers, files and other admin bits and pieces. 

The York ottoman upholstered in {name} by {name}, is the stylish solution to storage. Our York ottoman, upholstered in Chambray Oyster from Warwick Fabrics, is the stylish solution to storage.

A work place you can love 

Natural light is key for a pleasant, enjoyable work space, but don't be afraid to supplement with light fixtures and lamps – they're critical for avoiding eye strain as the light fades in the evening. 

For a refreshing touch of greenery, indoor plants such as African violets, peace lilies, succulents or cacti are a wonderful touch. If you're feeling creative, how about making your own terrarium?

A home office should be somewhere you enjoy to work. A home office should be somewhere you enjoy to work.

Customer-facing businesses at home  

If you run your business from home, you can add a touch of extra professionalism by creating a waiting area for your clients with the Hugo stool – a comfortable, cushioned seat that can be tailor-made to fit any space, in your choice of fabric. 

Add a classy touch to your home business with the Hugo stool, upholstered in [name] by [name]. Add a classy touch to your home business, using our Hugo as a stylish bench seat.

If you are designing your own home office space, let BedNest help to bring your ideas together with one of our bespoke furnishings. 

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