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The Spare Room – Neglected Storeroom or Stylish Guest Bedroom?

May 1, 2016

There are those who keep their homes looking immaculate 24/7; not a thing out of place…..and then there’s the rest of us.

Regardless of which camp you’re from, there comes a time when a common motivation kicks in. More often than not it’s driven by visiting friends or relatives and the request to help “transform the spare room into a stylish guest bedroom!” is one we’ve heard many times.

Well, here are a few simple things you can do to freshen up that spare room and make your guests feel welcome (and maybe little impressed); but more importantly, help make you feel relaxed throughout their stay.

Begin with the Bed

Dressing up the bed will do wonders for a tired room and the right bedhead can become a truly beautiful focal point.

Annie Bowen from Gallop Lifestyle chose this striking blue patterned fabric to help breath life back into a spare bedroom for one of her clients. This ikat print adds more than a little interest to one of our more simple and elegant bedhead designs (the Paddo bedhead).

Deciding on the right bed or bedhead for your guest bedroom can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

The decision revolves around 3 simple steps:
1. Choose the design – Bedheads have a personality, decide whether you want them to be the centre of attention or play a more supportive role.

2. Choose the size – Don’t over-fill the bedroom: let the size of the room dictate whether you choose a double or a queen bed (we’ll provide the size you need)

3. Choose the fabric – Choose a colour and texture to suit your existing furnishings or create the colour scheme around your upholstered bedhead. Remember, fabric samples are free for the asking.

These three simple steps reflect our online ordering experience and have been designed specifically to help focus your decision making (and we’re always here to help you with the process).

Lovely Linen

Next, bring on the lovely linen. There really is nothing like the feel of brand new sheets.

Sliding into a bed made with new linen will have your guests feeling like they have just booked into a cosy boutique hotel; their own space.

Linen from Cultiver, Paddo Bed from BedNest and photography by Chris Warnes.

More cosy linen from Cultiver Goods.

Lighting the way

Of course, no guest bedroom would be complete without the balance and comfort a bedside table and lighting can bring.

Florence Bedhead from BedNest in an Indigo Linen (styled by Annie Bowen @galloplifestyle).

Bedroom accessories and finishing touches

Guest bedrooms are often well furnished but lack the detail that makes them feel like home…so don’t forget the finishing touches !! Adding feature cushions and a throw rug helps soften the room, giving it a more welcoming, friendly vibe. Choose colours and designs to complement or contrast with your bedhead, depending whether you’re after a relaxed feel or a guest bedroom with a more classic look.

Classic monochrome – Madeline McFarlane brings it all together beautifully, blending a classic black and white colour palette with layers of design elements and detail. A variation of our Tribecca Bedhead in Husk Onyx from Warwick Fabrics (styled by Madeline McFarlane).

Empty looking wall spaces can be filled with feature wall art to accentuate colour and add a personal touch.

Raffles Bedhead from BedNest (styled by Annie Bowen @galloplifestyle).

When considering the finishing touches think indoor plants, hand towels and towels, scented candles; interesting books, magazines and boutique homewares.

Boutique Homewares for Inspiration

Need inspiration? You’ve found it! Here are a few go-to homewares sites to get you on the right track…

Feather & Willow

Scout House


Tarlo and Graham

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