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Unique home decor Christmas gifts to give this season

December 21, 2016
We know what people really want this holiday season.

There's really only one person in the whole world who doesn't love the holiday season – and even his heart ended up growing three sizes bigger on Christmas Day! It's the season of giving with a spirit of overall merriment. Are you wondering what we love most about the holiday season?

Decorations and presents, of course!

Walking around town and neighbourhoods, it's always exciting to see how everyone has decided to style their holiday displays. Shopkeepers go all out in window showcases and locals deck their lawns, transforming them into a winter wonderland.

If you love decorating as much as we do, then why not give the gift of home decor to your friends? Forgo the boring gift card and get more creative with your present giving this year. Don't worry, it's not as daunting a task as you think it is. We've got some tips on how to give the best home decor gifts this season – just check them out.

Customise is key

Anyone can go to a home goods store and pick out a couple of decorations off the shelves, wrap them up and pass them off as a gift, but that's not very personal. Instead, here's a list of gifts that you can easily personalise to fit the characteristics of your giftee:

A rustic-chic terrarium makes for a great gift this holiday season.A rustic-chic terrarium makes for a great gift this holiday season.
  • Terrariums: Combine your green thumb with your savviness for interior design and build a little terrarium. There are tons of beautiful containers and succulents to choose from, so it's just a matter of finding the one that will match the personality of your friend. 
  • Canvas prints: Have a favourite picture that you want to turn into a gift? Well, instead of sticking them in a boring picture frame, why not get your image printed on canvas? Canvas prints make for eye-catching decor as it stands out more than a two-dimensional picture. 
  • Stemware: This practical gift can also be easily customised. There are countless types of designs you can select to suit the aesthetic of your giftee. Of course, you can always opt to get them engraved and make them extra special.
Give the gift of home decor this holiday season.Give the gift of home decor this holiday season.

The gift of comfort

At the end of the day, home decor is all about being comfortable in your own home. So, check out this list of some of the cosiest gifts we can think of:

  • Bednest bedheads: Custom make a free-standing upholstered bedheads to fit the style and aesthetic of your special someone. There's a huge range of styles, fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can be sure that you'll find what you're looking for. It's the ultimate gift of comfort, that's for sure – just contact us for a Gift Voucher to present them that morning.
  • Sheepskin rugs: These are the soft of the soft – they will make you want to lie down on the floor! This little rug instantly becomes a centrepiece for the entire room, turning any space from drab to fab. You can also get faux fur throws in case you're shopping for a vegetarian or vegan, this way no one is left out of good style.
  • Knit blankets: Bring in the personal element and knit it yourself! 
  • Throw cushions: There's no such thing as having too many cushions! This is the perfect addition to accompany a custom made Bednest headboard as well! At Bednest, you can also custom make your cushions so you can accessorise accordingly.

The best part about these gifts? They're the perfect gift to give all year round! If you missed the boat on Christmas that's okay because these don't have to be seasonal presents – they also work for birthdays, anniversaries or just to show appreciation. Check out all our comfy cosy products and designs that we have here at Bednest.

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