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Bouncing baby BedNest

January 24, 2012

Yesterday our gorgeous photographer Enzo sent me this pic from our shoot in December – featuring the gorgeous Nantucket bedhead and my (equally gorgeous we think) baby BedNest!

It just made me laugh and remember some of the fun we’ve had over the last couple of years doing shoots etc, so I had to share it with my lovely BedNesters today. A peak behind the scenes if you like..

It also shows how our upholstered bedheads are completely free-standing – something we get asked about a lot.

Oh and it shows the beautiful cross-stitch work on the Nantucket, see the pic below for a close-up.

So, this wasn’t just an entirely self-indulgent blog post about the cuteness of baby BedNest after all!

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow!


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