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Artwork in the Bedroom

November 8, 2015

Artwork is highly personal, particularly in the bedroom where our individualistic tastes are free to soar. After all, it’s the one room that doesn’t have to please the masses and nothing says ‘grown up’ more than artwork in the bedroom.

Make a Statement!

Artwork can make a statement in the bedroom, intensifying mood and drama, while still blending with the other elements of the room. You can create this effect by choosing art that adds layers to the existing colours in your bedroom, and/or continuity of pattern and texture.

When it comes to making a statement, this breath taking feathered collage from Mondocherry creates a subtle, calm mood with powerful visual effect. Mondocherry is a collaboration of original artworks and designs by sisters Clare and Joy. Their work first caught our eye earlier this year in a blog post on decor8.


Feathered Collage’ image from decor8.

Scale in Art

Scale can be used audaciously in the bedroom, as it usually contains less elements than other rooms.

This is a beautiful example of large artwork being used as the dominant design feature. While the size of the print makes it a strong visual statement, it’s subject carries a gentle emotion. The softness of colour creates a minimalist effect that is complemented by the dress pillows and cushions to provide perfect continuity.

Large elephant print in the bedroom

Image from Love Warriors via Pinterest.

Scale in art refers to an artwork’s size, but it’s more than that. It’s also the size of the art in relation to other objects in the room. The size of the artwork, especially in relation to the other bedroom elements, affects the impact it will have.

Bedhead as Art

A striking bedhead can also be used as the artistic centre piece and design feature in your bedroom.  Including more subtle furnishings and artwork will help give the bedhead a little dominance…. you can also create interest to walls by coordinating or contrasting colours in art with the colours and patterns in your bedhead.

We’re big fans of designer and blogger Vivian Panagos from Ish & Chi. Vivian created this bespoke bedhead for her son’s bedroom using our BedNest Darlo Bedhead, a striking Green Cockatoo print from No Chintz and piping for a little extra detail.



Image from Ish & Chi – Home Tour

Vivian’s posted some beautiful before and after shots of a fantastic renovation she and her husband completed at their family home. Take a look at Ish & Chi for some great interviews, interior design and styling.

Fashioning Contrast

Skilful choices of colour and contrast in art pieces can really enliven the bedroom.

The further apart colours are on the colour wheel, the greater the contrast in colour – black and white being the ultimate example. But contrast can also be fashioned by combining light and dark or warm and cool colours. Complementary colours (opposites on the colour wheel) form beautiful contrasts and increase the luminosity of the colours. Contrast can also be created with different shapes, direction of lines and texture to produce a visual  impact.

The framed photographs in this image contrast one another in colour and form – black with white, nature alongside industrial. I just love the pop of colour on selected pillows and the clock; they provide a certain vibrance and seem to lift the overall feel of the bedroom.

Contrast in Bedroom Art

Image via

Individually these blue and white prints below are stunning…and together they create a mosaic look that works beautifully with the other elements in this image; crafting interest using contrast and form.

Blue prints create a mosaic feel

Image found on

A Point of Focus

Bedroom artwork can be the focal point of the room. Find a piece you love and show it off – front and centre.

Finding the right bedroom artwork can be a bit like trawling for treasure – over many hours. But, seeking out that piece that is ‘just right’ will carry its own reward when it’s on your bedroom wall, stamping your space with your own uniqueness.

The right piece will be the one that calls to you: love at first sight.

When the Bed is the Main Act

If your bed is the visual focus point of your room – imagine stunning bedhead, bedcover, pillows and a throw rug – use artwork that complements, not competes.

Rachael Castle, from Castle & Things, produces a range of Bed Linen, Cushions, Paper Sculptures and artwork that really does complete a bedroom and any other room in the house for that matter!!



Visit Castle and Things to see more of Rachel’s work.

Sharing the Love

Looking for some bedroom artwork ideas? Here’s some we just love to get you started…

First up, Fenton & Fenton promote a number of very talented Australian Artists, one of which is Helen McCullagh – “Helen McCullagh is best known for her bright, contemporary and aesthetically beautiful still life oil paintings, drawing her inspiration from both beautiful floral arrangements in her studio and images found in online media”.

Styled shot from Fenton & Fenton, see more of Helen McCullagh’s work

In our September BedNest Newsletter we featured the work of Andrew Howells. Capturing the African wild in incredible detail, Andrew really does provide hand drawn wall art that can transform your space.

Bright and fresh bedroom decorated with a bouquet of flowers.

Bright and fresh bedroom decorated with a bouquet of flowers.

Artwork by Andrew Howells and image from Stampede Style.

One of our favourite blogs ‘Interiors Addict’ recently featured work from Artist Prudence Caroline Oliveri who has taken her original artworks on paper across a fabulous  textiles range. Prudence told Interiors Addict, “There are three cushions, a monster floor cushion and a throw. The prints I’ve used on the textiles are of my favourite artworks from the past year or so”. A bold look that provides continuity of colour and patterns.

Artwork by Prudence Caroline Oliveri, image from The Interiors Addict.

Art- An Extension of your Personal Style

When choosing artwork, reflect on the mood a piece of artwork evokes in you. Ask yourself if it matches your personality and complements your bedroom decor.

Art is an extension of your personal style, so go with what you love and avoid selecting artwork based on what others like.

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