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It’s a Dog’s Life…

August 25, 2016

It’s one of the most divisive topics and has tested many a solid relationship.

The big question – should dogs be allowed inside the house, let alone inside the bedroom??

There’s a continually moving line in this debate that generally gets pushed in one direction or the other by various members of the household, including the dog !!

I mean really, who could resist these puppy dog eyes…??

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In my case it started a few years ago with the purchase of our first family Dog, to which my husband was totally unaware.

Somehow the kids and I convinced the love of my life, that this beautiful ball of energy couldn’t sleep outside in the cold; and that’s when the line was drawn. Our new four legged friend was granted one night under our roof in the laundry, after which he was to remain an ‘outside dog’.

Rules were laid down early for the benefit of kids and dog. Dog sleeps outside at night and can come up on the back deck during the day. Dog must get walked daily to get his exercise, but more importantly get some social interaction.

Social interaction, that was the angle identified as the chink in my husband’s armour and in a coordinated attack, my kids and I began our campaign.

He held his ground in the summer months, but as we moved into winter the pressure began to build and that line began to shift ever so slightly.

One bitterly cold morning in a mad scramble to get the family out the door, my husband hardly noticed the dog milling around and when questioned, he had to agree it was a very cold morning…so permission was granted, but only until we all left the house.

Over time he’s conceded that more than just pack animals, dogs really are good company. Not once have we arrived home and the dog has been unhappy to see us. The dog agrees with everything we say and unlike the kids, not once has the dog talked back to us.

And so it goes, a very slippery slope indeed.

It seems that our dog’s unwavering loyalty has finally mellowed my husband’s hard line on the ‘outside dog’ debate, to the point where he’s become open to considering a few options to make our ageing pup feel a little more at home.

Designed and created exclusively for MiaCara by award winning designer Gerd Coukhuyt, the Letto Daybed definitely adds a contemporary feel and style.

Letto Daybed
Or maybe a Teepee tent for the office (available from…

Teepee Tent
If my Instagram feed is anything to go by, I’m certainly not alone….we all have a line that’s drawn. For some it’s at the back deck and for the rest of us, well, it’s not at the back deck….





For these lucky pooches…it really is a dog’s life 🙂

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