A different kind of Christmas tree

November 30, 2014

I’ve got a very talented friend who is very clever at making things (I hope you are reading this Ali…).  She once created a Christmas tree out of pieces of wood that could be hung from the ceiling (her first baby was crawling at the time and, with first time mother nerves, she was terrified that a normal tree would topple onto her).  Let’s just say that we were thoroughly impressed!

For most of us, the tree is the centre of all things Christmas-y in our home but sometimes a traditional tree just isn’t what you want.  Lack of space, no time/unable to lug back a tree or maybe you just want to get creative and make your own (or have a crawling baby…).  We thought we’d share some of the fun ideas that we’ve spotted – stylish and playful (plus no messy needles!), they show a different take on a favourite tradition.

A felt pom pom garland makes an adorable little tree – 
Oh the things you can do with the humble wooden pallet – 

Simple and easy (and looks good!), a no fuss chalk Christmas tree –

A glitter fabric tree hung like a canvas.  My little girl and (son for that matter!) would love this –

This canvas tree is by No Chintz


A simple tree branch all dressed up in Christmas splendour!



Another tree branch but with a more stylized look –

A Christmas tree mobile –

Dressed with ornaments and fairly lights there’s a whimsical vibe to this wall tree –

Keep it simple with a framed painted image –

A lovely twig wall hanging bursting with Christmas festiveness!

Traditional?  A more modern take?  Tell us what kind of tree works for you and your home this Christmas.


Images via Pinterest

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