Enchanted by Green

December 9, 2015

Leaves, leaves, glorious leaves!

At BedNest we’re loving the continued trend towards greening up our interiors. From luminescent lime to calming pastel greens, indoor plants are making our homes feel oh so comfortable and liveable.

Perhaps our love for indoor botanicals is born out of nostalgia for a time when life was simpler, less hurried and hectic; when summer days lingered long and warm evenings seemed to last forever.

This image from is so reminiscent of long summer days and relaxed tropical living

Indoor Plants in the living area

Interior Design – Kate Gallie from Cove Interiors, Photo – Rix Ryan Photography.

Whatever the reason, greens strike a chord and make our hearts sing; inviting us to ‘press pause’ and breathe deeply.

Bring on the Life Force

Besides being good for us, live plants find us humming, smiling, singing… even whistling. Plants invigorate our window sills, benches, bedside tables, dining tables and make amazing statements of vibrancy on rugs and floors.

They are alive: breathing beauty into our days. Plants!

Image above from decor8‘s Inspiration blog.

Indoor plants in the kitchen

This from Homes to Love – Luxury Aussie Kitchens feature (Interior Design – Stacey Kouros, Photo – Jason Busch).

Green Wash the Bedroom

The bedroom is no longer off limits for plants. Be bold, break out the pots, the posies, the palms. Big, bold, glorious and green.

Palm fronds in the bedroom

Simply add palm fronds and water…Image via Pinterest.

Tropical fabric print and plants in the bedroom

Light, bright and airy. Image from Inside Out Magazine (Interior Design – Heather Nette King, Photo – Armelle Habib). 

The bedroom, like every other room, will sing a little brighter, when live plants are added.

Botanicals can bring a sense of calm….and when your little ones are old enough, give them something to care for, watch over, water and…. witness growing.


Image from Pinterest.

Nature as Palette

As if by magic, plants have the ability to find their way perfectly into any décor.

Whether they tone or contrast, layers of beautiful green ‘work’ with any existing décor and design elements, adding layers of colour and shape to what exists.

Dresser filled with plants

This example from

Colours, textures, shapes… alive.

Nature as Inspiration

We love how Design Seeds uses nature to inspire their divine colour palettes. Breath. Taking.

“Design Seeds celebrate colours found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living.” And so do we!

Look at these beautiful palettes from their website…

Nature colour pallet

Nature colour pallet

A Life of Their Own

Plants have a life of their own: living shapes, colours and textures; growth patterns built in their DNA. They are living design pieces, changing, growing up with us, taking shape over time.

Plant filled living area

Image via Pinterest.

Indoor plant filled side table

Image from

With nurture, plants can become a much loved elements in the living landscape of our rooms, welcoming us home.

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